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Заметка с извечным вопросом

I Graduated and I’m Still Here

Since my graduation in December, I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been asked, “So, what
do you DO now, exactly?”
I’ve come up with a pretty standard answer. I tell them that I work at a restaurant (true), that I
volunteer downtown (also true), that I spend a considerable time at the gym (miraculously true,
especially considering the fact that I’m not paying for my membership) and that I’ve been catching
up on my leisure reading (entirely false). For some, that answer suffices and life moves on. But others
get more philosophical asking how I feel about it all.
Truthfully, I’m bored. Terribly, completely, excruciatingly bored.
Don’t get me wrong. I paid my dues and was in dire need of some down time after the hell that
was last semester. But maybe that’s just it — Penn has trained me to be this Energizer bunny of sorts,
always running from one thing to the next, barely finding time to pee let alone make it to the gym
on a daily basis. So when people roll their eyes at me as I complain about my boredom, I don’t feel
bad. If they were in my shoes, they’d feel the exact same way.
Then there is that other question I’m often asked: “Why on earth are you still here?” I’m essentially
living the college life minus the classes. And I’ve been traveling just about every weekend.
But really, my reasons go beyond all of that business. I’m still here because I’ve met some pretty
amazing people and I intend on sticking it out with them. I’m still a senior. And there’s no way in
hell I’m leaving this party early.


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